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01 December 2012 @ 12:00 am

Semi- Friends Only!
Please comment to be added.

Most of my personal entries will be on f-lock.
However, only a couple of my grapics entries will be f-locked.
Just for confidentiality and such, comments will not show.
This journal is a lot of blah-blah of my personal life and sometimes a little
fangirling here and there.
Common Interests = YAAAAAAAAAAAAY! :D

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10 December 2009 @ 03:27 pm

Hmm...I wonder where I put my glasses. They're not exactly lost. They're just not found. :P Since I don have my glasses, I'm stuck to using my iPhone as an alternative computer. I noticed at school today that my vision is a bit worse than usual. Objects or words on the board are a bit harder to read. I have no idea whether it's just an off day for my eyes, the poor lighting in my class, or some other funky reason. Now that I've come home, I do t want to risk my vision with the bright light coming from my computer screen and laptop.

I felt a real urge to post something today. I have a tendancy to leave long periods inbeteeen posts, but I reall wanted to post something about my life today. It's nothig big, but it's only a small life update.

My brother, who goes to UCSC, is coming home today. I'm glad that he's coming home, however, i'm not expecting a birthday present from him because he didn't get me one so I don't want to see his face. D<

I'm still working on icons. I've been a little bored lately so maybe I'll kill time by messing around with Photoshop.I haven't done that in a while so I need to use Photoshop or else my skills will become rusty...not that I have any skills. >.>

That's it for now. See you later! ^____^V

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08 December 2009 @ 09:21 pm
It really has been an extremely long time since I last posted. Even though I find myself too insignificant to even have to apologize for this random hiatus, I am truly sorry. :P I was truly busy with school, friends, and family. Whenever there wasn't something I had to do for school like homework or club activities, I went to be with my friends or family. It's crazy how busy I was in the past few months. Of course, manga comes before anything, so I'm very caught up with all my manga titles and more. Other than the purpose for manga, I rarely had the chance to check up on my LJ account. If I did, then I was too lazy to do so.

So...things that I did starting from my last post.

1. I went biking a lot more often. I always enjoyed biking more anything, so I went biking many times with my friend.
2. I went to Harvest Crusade. Harvest Crusade is an event at Angels' Stadium that is focused around worshiping and learning about God. Being a Christian, I definitely enjoyed it. Every single seat in the stadium was filled and more. What really amazed me was the end activity where everybody walked down into the field if they believe in God.
3. I went to a lot of midnight showings. I went to Harry Pothead: and the Half-Black Prince(just kidding ^^;;), Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen, and some other one that I probably forgot. I definitely enjoyed Transformers 2 the most. I came in a huge group and it was nearly impossible to find good seats. With my amazingly angelic face(chyeah right), I asked around and happened to find three seats, one for myself, that were perfect. Everybody else in my group split up and had bad seats. I'm so proud of myself for that. :D
4. I started a new school year and I thought it would be horrible because of the drama I had to go through the previous year, but I am definitely enjoying my year so far. Apparently, the girl that I had a problem with last year has infuriated her own best friends this year, so they chose to distance themselves away from her. Those same people who distanced themselves from the girl were never close to me last year, but now we're always together like close friends.
5. I bought my mom a Coach handbag and wallet worth $540-ish. I love my mom and I think she definitely deserves the best. I do feel bad because I used my dad's credit card. I'm only in high school so I don't have that much money to buy something like that, but it's the thought that count...right?

It's definitely starting off to be a good year. <3

MY GOAL! I plan to start coming back to LiveJournal. I just need to settle down and manage my time wisely. What I've really wanted to do is release my large folder of icons that I have. I've been shoving a lot of the icons I do into the folder and I want to release it before it becomes too much for me to handle. :P All in all, you'll definitely be seeing me more often. Sorry if that is a disappointment. :]
I couldn't think of any other title. I thought, "Welcome to...__________," but then all of a sudden I had the thought of black holes for some reason. Oh yes, it was because whoever friends me tends to get sucked or be sucked in to the world of JE. xD Muha ha ha. I just made a punny. xD I'm so punny. :]

That seems to be what I say a lot now in real life: "I made a punny! -Pause for a little laugh- I'm so punny. :]"

Welcome to all the new friends I made at the JE friending meme!
If I forgot you then I'm truly sorry. D: Please tell me if I do. :D Just to introduce myself, I'm kgiie but you can call me kgiie, Giie-chan, Flipp-chan, or whatever floats your boat. I love JE, if you haven't noticed and if you love it too, then I'm very concern we will get along. I don't bite and I love making friends so please don't be afraid to talk to me. :]

So I haven't posted in a while and I realized I'm the type of person who is waaaaaaaaaaaay too lazy to post anything. I'd much go around commenting my f-list entries instead because posting an entry takes a lot of work. You have to type a lot, think about thinks as you type, and stare at the screen. Too much...D:

So I went to the pool party the only day and found out I EAT DUST when it comes to pool. The person's house had a pool table and I ATE DUST. T_T I also learned that I didn't inherit my brother's amazing pool skills. D: We also played 3 rounds of mafia. On the first round, I was killed right away. Reason? My brother was one of the killers...-_- Well...not really the reason why. They pointed to someone next to me but the narrator thought they pointed at me so I died. Either way, my brother would have killed me. Jerk...-_- Second and third round I was the cop and only died in one of them. YOSH! >D If any of you have never played played mafia (the one with killers, nurses, and cops) then I highly suggest you play it. Just google the game. Really fun when you have a lot of people. The rest of the weekend was mostly church stuff but that was my weekend. :D

I truly hate talking about myself in entries because then I think it makes me sound like I'm conceited so I try to sly away from me and go into other topics. While I was typing this, I said to myself "Too much me!" D: The only thing that kept me going was because I had my daily dose of JE and I had Because I'm Stupid by SS501 from Boys Over Flowers on the whole time. The things I do to keep myself on task...xD

Just a daily dose of JE for anybody else out there who is interested. This is what goes on in my mind...

I <b>CANNOT</b> get enough of Massu in this. And Tegoshi can dance. o.o I just didn't believe it because they were always a little sloppy in the dance parts during their concerts. That's just my opinion about the sloppiness. Don't bash me. D: If only Massu danced in the commercial because I think he's the best dancer, if not best then definitely tied with Yamapi, in NewS.

And no LJ cut this time cause I'm too lazy to do it and I always fail to do it unless I try a gazillion times.

19 August 2009 @ 07:32 pm
[1] Tegomasu
[1] Yamashita Yomohisa
[2] Tegoshi Yuya
[3] Nishikido Ryo
[4] Masuda Takahisa
[6] Koyama Keiichiro

► Credit is not necessary but don't claim them as yours.
► Please host the images yourself if you plan on using them.
► Comments here and there are nice. ^^

I find it VERY entertaining to look at Koyama jumping and amazing that I found Koyama in a referee-life t-shirt. :P

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17 August 2009 @ 10:42 pm
[1] Koyama Keiichiro
[2] Tegoshi Yuya
[2] Nishikido Ryo
[10] Masuda Takahisa

♫ Credit is not necessary but don't claim them as yours.
♫ Please host the images yourself if you plan on using them.
♫ Comments here and there are nice. ^^

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Instead of doing my summer assignment, I did this. Boo me. >.>

Please host the icons yourself if you plan on using them.

[2] Tegoshi
[2] Tegomasu
[2] Yamapi
[3] Kim Hyung Joong
[4] Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles
[6] Massu
[8] Katekyo Hitman Reborn
[14] Code Geass

Please host the icons yourself if you plan on using them. Credit isn't required but it is much appreciated. :]

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