Only Human...

Normal is just a setting on your drying...
definition of kgiie
_Laughing out loud(LOL) does not exist in my life: only living out life(LOL)
_My life revolves around music, asian dramas, and love
_Creative is what I thrive to be
_Food is amazing...
_I enjoy wearing big earings, keeping memories sacred, and anything else that's enjoyable
_Bicycling around my neighborhood is relaxing
_Church is a part of me
_My main wish it to make at least one person's day every day
_I try to tell myself every single day that I'm unique
_I'm a sucker for anyone with healthy hair...and a nice smile
_I'm friendly enough to approach because I love meeting new people
_I can't speak Chinese and I'm learning Japanese
_My dream is to go to Japan one day
_I've never once thought about going to Europe...EVER